9 Reasons why startups get fails?


We know Startups themselves are risky because the majority of startups eventually fail.  In the startup world, a failure is considered a learning opportunity, at the least; a feather in the cap of the Founder, at best. There’s some reason Lack of focus Lack of motivation, commitment, and passion Too much pride, resulting in an unwillingness […]

9 Best Startup Ideas in Low budget

Today, most of the people are looking for something that feeds their passion. Now increasingly easy to start a business from scratch without spending a fortune. Below, I’ve described 9 various business ideas you can start cheaply from the comforts of your own home. 9 Best Startup Ideas in Low budget 1. Blogging This is possibly one […]

9 Biggest startup mistakes can kill your Business

Biggest startup mistakes

Starting a business requires not only more work but also the best business Strategy. We’ve seen countless entrepreneurs find success where others have found nothing but failure.What wrong with this Scene? What the hell do successful entrepreneurs know about failure? So what are some lessons for entrepreneurs to keep in mind? Here are the nine Biggest startup mistakes […]

9 Android Apps for Business Management

Apps for Business

If you’re Business Owner no matter of small, medium or Large you have a lot of responsibilities. So why you don’t take the help of your Smart buddy means your Smartphone. Let your Android smartphone or tablet help you by downloading the right apps. Now I’m going to discuss 9 Android Apps for Business Management. Let’s […]