It analyse the Idea & Startup as well as all about Founders then invest to scale the business for 10X exit.

Process review time to time of every Investment on Startups for reducing the risk of the Investment.

Profit analyse the profit of every investment time to time to take decision of exit.

Performance always analyse the performance about every investment to take best exit of the investment.


Raise fund to scale your startup/brand & analyse your prodct/brand/startup to the market fit.

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Invest with the best startup i.e. analyse by best startup investment analyst to get best return as per industry.

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Founder & CEO Message

Mr. Abhay is the Founder & CEO of As the Founder & CEO of, Abhay led the research process, from industry outlook and idea generation to final recommendation. Abhay received his undergraduate degree in Computer Science and law and Post Graduate in Computer Science, Finance & IT. He is also a Research Analyst and portfolio Management Service Advisor. Prior to 2019, he worked with Edelweiss Group & PNB Group as an Investment Banker. Prior to 2013, he worked with Tata Group as a Software Engineer and analyst. He likes to read books, watch movies and attend live sporting events. Abhay has a total investing experience of 12 years.

Mr. Abhay Kumar Ray
Founder & CEO

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