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As a GetMyIndia Group of Company, a brand of GetMyIndia Venture Private Limited draws on its past experiences and looks to the future with optimism. It takes more than just an idea to create a successful future; it takes those who stay abreast of the latest trends and understand what is on the horizon. To build a successful tomorrow, it is essential to be partnered with a company that values knowledge, growth, and success. At, we understand that forging a prosperous tomorrow starts today, and together, we believe that anything is possible. strives to make the investment space more inclusive by granting retail as well as HNI’s investor’s access to opportunities that were previously available only to a very small portion of the population. Lower provide a broader section of the population an opportunity to participate.

Mr. Abhay Kumar Ray
Founder & CEO

How are we unique?

“Redefining versatility” We are passionate about making the Startup ecosystem in India/Bharat. We are providing a broad range of Startup Investment products and services, catering to a substantial and differentiated client base, including corporations, institutions and individuals/angles. We focused on bridging the gap between the saving & investments and creating long term wealth for investors through the wide range of simple & relevant investment solutions. Actively getting investors to allocate 5-10% of their overall portfolio to Startup investing, which can deliver unexpected returns is our expertise.

Scale Faster

““Mark exponential growth” has a strong portfolio of more than 100 Angles for investing in Startups spread across sectors and cities in India/Bharat. We have in-house team to supports the Startups in different departments so that Scalability of Startups are more probable. This means that we don’t just do the job; we do it in the best way possible.

Why Choose

“Farsighted investment cycles”

We are creating diversified Startup portfolio; in each portfolio maximum 25 Startup’s. We are managing each of them in the best way; so that our investors take exit on positive node in the terms of 10X growth.

“A commendable deal funnel”

We constantly filter out deals to pick out the most impressive opportunities to invest in. This process helps cater niche deals for our investors to review. Our depth of diligence during investments is a catalyst for active monitoring of portfolios and our execution. Strongly focusing on exits and not just investments, we enable investors to understand the asset class better.

“Our Accomplishment”

We are known for the depth of diligence during investments and active monitoring of portfolios and its execution. Our strong focus is on exits and not just investments. We enable the investors & the start-up founders to understand the asset class better.