Investor Faqs

Startup investment is a high returns asset that has consistently given better returns in the past. Several investors recognize startup investment as a high-risk & high-returns asset that holds its value especially with our advisory because we first analyzed the startups then invest. Thatís why we reducing the investment risk and provide best returns.

Startupís investment gives more than 20% growth year on year, depending on the market conditions. Although, returns on your startups investment will truly shine when it is held for a long period. is a strategic automated & AI based investment platform that lets you grow your wealth with 10X returns in long term held. We always analyze our portfolio for best exit.

KYC verification is required to start investing with A one-step new user sign-up lets you start Investing in startups Immediately.

You can withdraw your money after 24 hours of investment. There is 1 Year minimum lock-in period. Before locking period 5% of your total investment charged as exit load.